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Marcy Rossi

Release - Original Mixed Media Cold Pressed Paper

Release - Original Mixed Media Cold Pressed Paper

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This is a mixed media piece that is made on cold pressed paper. This piece comes unframed with a rough edge. Frame it for your decor or hang with the rough edge showing. 

I started with an abstract base that my fellow artist friend Lu MacDonald made. Than a portrait of a women. (I’ve avoided portraits because frankly, they are hard and I’m not where I’d like to be skill wise). I pushed through the ugly stage. Adding the hands to this piece gave the piece the title of “Release”. As I finished in drip oils, I realized I’d painted Mary the mother of Jesus. As a rule, I avoid overtly religious paintings as to allow the viewer of my work to connect to the supernatural without directly spelling it out. But as I had the realization of the identity of this women, I knew no one would understand what RELEASE would look like more than Mary. Someone who was giving up their child for the life of others.

On a smaller level I can relate as we are on the cusp of releasing our daughters into adulthood. Where they will have the opportunity to love and care for those around them in their chosen careers. As painful as empty nest feels, I dream they will live fully into whom God made them to be.

On Cold Pressed Paper Sized at 22"x30"
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