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Marcy Rossi

Creative Encounter Journal, Volume 2 (Paperback)

Creative Encounter Journal, Volume 2 (Paperback)

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This is a tool for you to encounter the Lord in a new creative way.

It's a place to document and express your conversations with Jesus through color, writing, drawing, creativity, imagination and fun. The pages of this journey will become a part of your History with God. He longs to speak to us, to spend time with us. Since we are made in His image and we serve Creator God, we have in our DNA the ability to create. This is a way for you to tap into the creative part of you that looks like Him.


In any relationship the best way to find out information about someone is to ask him or her questions. As you flip through these pages you will see questions that you will ask to get to know Jesus better. To do that we often have to put on hold all the things of the world and just be with Him. In those times, He wants to teach us about who He is. This creative journey you are about to take will help you to go deeper into the heart of God through revelation of His word, healing in your heart, and experience connectedness with your creative gifts. The idea is to have moments with Him through listening prayer. To do this simply pick a page and ask the Lord the question that is written on the top of that page. He will speak to you through impressions in your minds, colors, pictures, memories, and experiences. Be open to any way He wants to speak to you. This is a process of learning to recognize and respond to His voice. He speaks to us all differently so be encouraged no matter what you experience.

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