Marcy Rossi is a Creative Gypsy. She loves to create art and resources that empower and challenge those that feel like they “just-don’t-fit-in” the typical mold (but still want to grow in their unique abilities). Her background as a generalist and creative coach for many micro-influencers, qualifies her to connect with this unique market of people. Being a sojourner from New York to California and who is now settled in the heart of Texas, has gifted her with the understanding of what it looks like to be a part of many diverse communities and how to adapt to change. A Mom of teenage girls and a wife for over twenty years, adds to her wisdom and rich background. Marcy has self-published two books of her own (one as co-author and one as an illustrator) and coached four other authors to self-publish and build their platforms. Her goal is to continue to build her own platform Creative Gypsy and publish three titles a year through self or traditional publishing avenues. You can find Marcy spending her days painting in her downtown San Antonio art studio (with her rescue dogs

Bella and Guido).