Things I Learned From the Back Seat of a Car

I’m in a weird season. It’s a season where I have a lot of incomplete projects. Now I have ADHD, so that tends to be the norm for me, incomplete projects everywhere. In the past, projects were incomplete and abandoned out of boredom. Shame covered them like the thick dust of time because I was disappointed in my failure to launch. This time around is different. I love all my projects and I’m not bored with them. There is no shame wrapped around them because of my distortions of failure. They are just taking a long time to complete. This time around they are requiring a labor of love and time.

Some back seat wisdom the other day brought light to my situation. Back seat wisdom are those moments in the car where I throw nuggets of wisdom to my kids (sitting in the back seat behind me) as we travel. More and more back seat wisdom nuggets have started to fly back to me. My oldest daughter, Natalie, in response to a conversation about a friend halfway through completing college said, “It’s like you’re at the top of Mount Everest and you only need to come down. You’re half-way there.” BOOM! Truth bomb!

Imagine if we didn’t celebrate being at the top of Mount Everest? That would be crazy. We have all heard the sayings about “The destination is not the goal, the journey is the goal,” or some form of that. I have had a really hard time grasping that, until my daughter’s advice. Imagine feeling a sense of peace in the waiting. Joy in the mist of the unknown. This is possible. Just see yourself already at the top of Mount Everest. Standing there celebrating how far you have come. Looking at how much you already completed and learned in the process.

So, yes I’m in a weird season, where there isn’t the sense of completion and the taste of victory is rarely indulged. But it’s all about my perspective. I have a million incomplete projects but I have a million projects started! So I choose to celebrate the fact that I’m at the top of Mount Everest and all I need to do it head down that slope.

Lets’ go on this journey together…take inventory of a few things you have started. You are at the top of Everest. Now it’s time for a victory dance (do it, I am). We are not going to die up here. Let’s take a deep breath (do it, I am) and start to head down the slope.

Always Growing,

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