Products the Changed My Family’s Life Part-2

Once I got started in “Products that Changed my Family’s Life this Year Part 1“, I was blown away with how much we added to our family this past year. I love change and growth and this has been a year of just that. So here are a few more products that our family just can’t do without:

Starbucks Egg Bites 

These gluten-free egg bites came out this past month. This is a game changer for me. I’ve cut back greatly on my Starbucks indulgence (for the sake of saving money). But every once in a while when we are really running late, I can do a quick mobile order for breakfast. Before this product, I always felt guilty with the choices I made for my kids and me, but I couldn’t get past the convenience  Now there is no guilt and the convenience is still there.

Youngevity Minerals 

This has been a year of upgrading our health. With that we started seeing a nutritionist. My husband and I are skeptics about everything and over-research everything. So it’s hard for us to trust “health gimmicks”. I cautiously took the advice of our nutritionist on taking these liquid minerals. Honestly, I decided to just trust and stopped being a devil’s advocate about her advice. Three months into taking a cupful for these minerals and I realized most of my bad food cravings have dispersed. Not only that, my hair has darkened. I’ve heard other stories of people losing their white or grey hair after taking minerals.

Apple TV 

The days of blockbuster are long gone and replaced with instant buying, rentals and streaming. Apple TV does this and more. We watch YouTube, stream Netflix, stream cable, use iTunes, play games and store our previously downloaded videos all in a one-stop shop.

Thread Up 

One of my hobbies is fashion. I love finding unbelievable deals. So I was so happy to find a used clothing store on-line, where I hoped I could find great clothes at a great deal. I got a 40% off coupon and free shipping once I spend over $79, so I decided to give it a try. I stuck to the clearance clothes (to get an even better deal) and mostly brands that I knew would fit me. I avoided Target and Wal-Mart brands because I know they don’t last very long with washing. I received fourteen pounds of clothing and it took about a week for shipping. I was incredibly surprised at the quality and cleanliness of the clothes (they looked dry-cleaned). There was only one pair of paints that didn’t fit well and one shirt that I didn’t prefer. I would highly recommend this company.


This is my favorite photo-editing application. I use it for many of the photos you see on HerRoar. There is a free version and there is a pro version for $7.99 a month. Within the app, it gives you standard sizes for creating pictures for all the social media platforms. It’s hard to make something ugly with this app.

Tom’s Deodorant 

This was the year I embraced my inner hippy and switched to a healthy deodorant. I fought it big time because I didn’t think it would be strong enough for me. For years I’ve been sharing men’s Mitchem deodorant with my husband. So this switch was scary. After a couple of weeks, my body adjusted. The scent smells a little like incense so my hubby calls me a hippy sometimes. But I feel a sense of relief knowing I’m working towards removing all cancerous-causing products from our home.

Thinx Period Panties 

I remember in the 90’s when a paper product came out like this and I thought it was disgusting, like wearing a baby diaper. I swore I would never wear a period panty. But the continuous advertisements to my Facebook feed got me curious. One 30% coupon, five clicks later and I decided to take the plunge. This was going to be a trial run but nine months later, I am still using and loving them. They aren’t strong enough for the first two to three days of my period but after that, I wear them and can almost completely forget my period exists! My nine-year old has what we call a leaking problem (actually we think it’s just her getting too busy to remember to go potty). So we bought her a couple sets for school and sleepover and it helps her avoid embarrassing moments with her friends. I would highly recommend this product.

Mary Kay TimeWise Moisturizer  

I’ve used Mary Kay products off and on throughout the years and have never been disappointed. As a mature women in her thirties, I’m starting to think about how to take care of my skin better. A pee size squirt is enough for my whole face in the mornings before I put on my foundation primer. I also love supporting a company that has empowered women for so many decades to be in business.

Warby Parker Glasses  

I see glasses as an accessory like jewelry. Most insurance only covers one pair every two years. So at an average of $300 a pair, I have only had one pair at a time. I see fashion as a hobby so this has been frustrating for me. That all changed with Warby Parker. Go online and pick five pairs of glasses to be sent to you for free. Then you can try them on at home, send them back for free and order at $99-$145 each. There are a few stores in LA too (f you want to battle the traffic). They come with a reflective coating and they will cover the cost of an eye exam.

What products have you added to your family’s life this year to make it run more smooth? Let us know in the comments below.

Always Growing,

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