NY to LA Part 2

I turned to Joe (my husband) and said, “Okay, we can start talking about moving to California.” We were driving South toward New York city on an anniversary trip to Ikea (we know romance). This was a big unexpected bomb I just dropped. Joe knew I was thinking about the move and considering it, he just didn’t know how far along in the process I was http://marcyrossi.com/index.php/2019/04/01/ny-to-la-part-1/(opens in a new tab)

We allowed ourselves to talk and dream on that two-hour drive about the possibility of this huge change, to the point of scaring ourselves. Where would we live? What job would we get? Could we afford it? How would my family react? Could we leave our friends? Isn’t everyone in California a liberal and hates God (we were young, religious and dumb)? Could we sell our house in the down market? What church would we go to? We realized that we might be getting ahead of ourselves.

So what do Christians do when they don’t know what to do? We prayed and decided to fast for a month. Food wasn’t enough of a sacrifice for us to fast, so we decided to do a media fast. That would be really hard for us! At this point we didn’t tell many people because we weren’t sure if we were going. So we kept our concerns and questions mostly to ourselves.

We decided to step out in faith, so Joe started to test the waters by applying for jobs in California. And then…nothing. Nothing happened. No bites on a job. Did we hear from God wrong? Was this just a crazy pipe dream?

Day 5 of no electronics or social media: nothing (I caught up on laundry for the first time in our marriage)

Day 10 of media ban: nothing

Day 15 of boring media fast: nothing

Day 20 of no contact to the outside world: nothing (a true miracle my house is finally clean)

Day 25 of torturous media fast: nothing

Day 26 you don’t understand I’m at home with two toddlers with no media!: nothing

Day 27 I’m bored: nothing

Day 28 Joe got a call

Day 29 Joe got two calls

Day 30 Joe headed to California for an interview

Two days later Joe accepted a job in San Diego, California. Within a month we sold our house and moved. This whole process of turning our lives upside down took about a year. We did not enter into this lightly. We gave up a lot in relational equity. It was a process of big RISK, stepping out in faith, trusting God through the confusion and unknowns. To be continued…

Always Growing,

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