Changing it Up in the Bedroom

I recently read an article that really made me mad. The article was advice on hiring new employees and the expectations that you can have for the people you hire. The overall gist of the article was that people never, ever, ever, change.

I think this was a trigger for me because one, I hate when absolutes are put on people and two, I believe that people can change. So much so, when I was working for a camp (as a young adult) we had to go through orientation before camp started. During the training, the organization brought in a special speaker to figure out our personality based on the DISC personality test. Just like the article, I was mad. How dare we measure people by absolutes! How dare the speaker that doesn’t know me label me. I confronted him after the training and cried for days in response. It really bothered me.

Back to the article that made me mad. A drastic step was needed. It was bedtime. My husband and I were settling in and I suddenly turned to him, “Babe, let’s switch sides!” He stares, “I’m serious, I am proving that writer wrong. People do change!” So we switched sides of the bed. For fifteen years of marriage I have slept on the right side. When we first got married, it was because it was farthest from the door. I thought the husband should be the closest to the door just in case someone broke in.

I know that I have changed so much. I feel like I’m a completely different person every six months. I’m always growing.  I have hope that I will continuously be transformed. Daily, I let that still small voice inside of me talk to me and coach me. It’s calling me to a fullness, calling me to greatness and calling me to change. Every day I have the choice to listen to that voice and every day I have the choice to act in wisdom to move forward.

I believe that people can change, that you can change for the better, one small step at a time. What is your one next step? Maybe it’s switching your side of the bed. Try changing up something else. Studies say that you should change things up, even if it’s something small. Maybe it’s switching the hand you brush your teeth with. Let’s prove that writer wrong. If I can change for the better, we can change for the better and that means the world can change for the better.

Always Growing,

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