I Love Love Love Funerals

I love funerals! For three years I worked as an event coordinator at a church. One of my jobs was hosting and running funerals. I looked forward to these events with anticipation. As each family member stepped up to the podium I held my breath. The raw emotion and passion behind their words alone was enough to undo me. But the best part was the stories, memories and laughter as friends and families recounted detail after detail of their beloved’s life.

The most profound element was that people found ways to laugh at their not so desirable tendencies/qualities. “He drank too much [lol]”, “He had a way of telling you the truth even when you didn’t want to hear it [lol]”, “Oh boy, did she have a temper! [lol]”, “He loved his truck more than me [lol].” There wasn’t bitterness behind these statements. It was nostalgia and appreciation for uniqueness. There was even a sense that these undesirable qualities would be missed in spite of their annoyance.

Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves and our failures. But imagine your family and friends rejoicing in your legacy and appreciating even your failures. Every funeral was a reminder and a reset to me. A reminder to consider the legacy that I’m leaving here on this Earth. A reset to remember what is most important. And a reprieve to not be so hard on myself.

Always Growing,

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